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2017 Keynote Speech

"From Asia Transnational Higher Education to Taiwan`s New south bound policy"

Dr. Yao Tang
Director of News Center
National Cheng Kung University

Full professor at NCKU
Outstanding researcher and lecturer with more 20 years of experience leading educational policy and administration in Taiwan. My foci of comparative study are included by Higher Education Policy and Social Science both Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China across Chinese universities, and Japan, Korea. (1996~)

Expert in the educational issues, to organize many single projects or team projects. Two years of experience leading the work on the Office of Talent Education, MOE. (2013~2015) Proven ability to drive a university transformation (2006~2008) as acted the Dean of Research & Development at So-Fu University temporary transferred.

Respected Director of News Center, NCKU, responsible for multimedia divisions and public relation. (2012~)

Transnational Higher Education
Educational Management & Policy
Creative Team Leadership
Comparative Education
Tertiary Education

Ph.D. School of Education (1996), University of Birmingham U.K.
MEd. Int’l Management & Policy (1992), University of Birmingham U.K.
BA. National Taiwan Normal University (1987)

Recent Awards
Award of Excellence for Outstanding Academic, R.O.C.  (as called 學術木鐸獎), 2014
Top-ten Youth Elite Award, Taiwan, R.O.C. (by Taiwan Elite Association), 2008
Award of Excellence for Outstanding Academic, R.O.C.  (as called 學術木鐸獎), 2004
Research Awards for Outstanding (by Ministry of Science & Technology), more than 12 times

Publication list (2011~2016)
Tang, Y & Su, Chieh-chou (2016) A Study on the Factorial Structure and Strategy of University Digital Employment Counseling in Taiwan. Educational Policy Forum, 19(3), pp 1-31. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y.; Shu, Hui-zi; Su, Chieh-chou; (2016). Development of the Evaluative Scalogram for University Science and Engineering-related Department Interdisciplinary Learning Quality. Journal of Research in Education Science, 61(1). Pp91~113. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y. (2016) The Recognition of Board of Trustee for Private University Governors from the perspective of Post top-tier-University Policy. Educational Review, 5(1), pp57-58. 
Tang, Y.; Wang, Chia-Sui; Ou, Hong-Kou & Chao, Hsueh-wei (2014). The Construction of Taiwanese Transnationality Index for Higher Education Services. Bulletin of Educational Research, 64(4). pp.63-97. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y. & Cheng, C. H. etc. (2014). The Study of Education Policy of Manpower Cultivation in the Major Countries. Journal of Education Research, Oct., 246, pp20-39.
Tang, Y. & Weng, Chih-Hsiang (2014). The relationship between technology leadership strategies and effectiveness of school administration: An empirical study: Computers & Education. (SSCI)
Tang, Y. & Liu, Shun-Wen (2013). Factors Affecting Taiwanese Prospective College Students’College-Choice. Educational Policy Forum, 16(4), pp 1-33. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y.; Su, Chieh-chou (2013). How parent in Taiwan evaluate and classify higher education’s quality and other characteristics. Bulletin of Educational Research, 59(3). pp 65-99. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y.; Su, Chieh-chou; Shu, Hui-zi (2012). A study of the factor structure and assessment checklist development about the college service quality regarding to the student affairs. Journal of Education & Psychology, 35(4). (TSSCI)
Tang, Y. (2012). The Higher Education Service Modes of ASEAN Five Countries. Educational Policy Forum, 15(2), pp 39-66. (TSSCI)
Tang, Y. (2012). The study on the decision-making of school selection on Taiwan Higher Education. Journal of Luoyang University. 31(7),16~21. (CSSCI)
Tang, Y. (2011). Teaching and Learning - the Operation Appearance and Exploration of Truth on University Evaluation. Journal of Education Administration Research. 1(2), pp 153~168.
Tang, Y. (2011). A Happiness and Cleanliness of Principal Selection.Journal of Taiwan Educational Review, Vol. 1, pp 39-40.
Tang, Y. (2011). The Impact and Reflections on Evaluation System ofHigher Education in Taiwan. Journal of Educational Resources and Research, 103. pp27-40.
Tang, Y. & Su, C.C. (2011). The Relative Impact on Assessment Indicators of the Office of Student Affairs Service. Journal of Educational Resources and Research, 101, pp 135-159.
Tang, Y. & Hsu, H.C. (2011). A Study of the Relationships between Wage Differentials, School Types and Departments of College Graduates in Taiwan. Educational Policy Forum, 14(1), pp 61-84. (TSSCI)

Current research issues
Transnational Higher Education Services in Taiwan: status analysis and international comparison
The Higher Education Service Modes of ASEAN Five Countries.
The Study of Education Policy of Manpower Cultivation in the Major Countries.Institutional Transformation;
Education Policy of Manpower Cultivation in the Major Countries.

Social involvement

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